Collector for GIS will not sync offline maps

We are testing collector for GIS and its proving promising however there is one major flaw i cannot figure out.

When i take a map offline and add data to it and then bring it back to the office to sync it up it runs through the process and seems to complete however when i go and check the map on arcgis online nothing shows up. Also this is bi directional, when i add data to the arcgis online map it will not sync up with the offline map. So for what ever reason the offline map will not sync up with arcgis online even though it says it does.

Any one have any thoughts? or even better a way to get the data off the ipad with out sync'ing it.

Feature service is hosted on premise servers not on arcgis online.

ArcGIS 10.3.1, Server 10.3.1, Collector 10.3.3, Apple Air iOS 8.4

I was able to save the data using a script found in this thhread ( but i am still really curios as to what was happening, ie what offline maps wouldn't not sync.

I figured out what the issue was, mostly me not paying careful attention to the directions but every time i go offline to collect the data t a new version is created version XXXXXXXXXXXX and it is that version that the new data goes in to so when i go and sync it it sync that version back to the data base and then i have to reconcile and post to the version that i serving out via our server.

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